BIOGRAPHY is an interdisciplinary research project combining the technical disciplines of micro laser ablation, roll-to-roll equipment and printing of micropatterns with the biological application fields of cell biology, virology and biosensors.

Key is the development and usage of a new ink which is electrically conductive, optically transparent and, at the same time, biocompatible. All these features can be achieved when graphene is used as main component of the ink.

BIOGRAPHY aims at developing a highly efficient production line and process for the roll-to-roll printing of graphene-based, multi-functional microstructures on large-area polymer foils, the process thus being suited for the mass production of highly innovative biosensors.

This research and development project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the Framework Concept "Research for Tomorrow's Production" (funding number 02PN2240) and managed by the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA). The author is responsible for the contents of this publication.

Furthermore, this project is funded by the Innovate UK. Innovate UK is the new name for the Technology Strategy Board – the UK’s innovation agency. Taking a new idea to market is a challenge. Innovate UK funds, supports and connects innovative businesses through a unique mix of people and programmes to accelerate sustainable economic growth. For further infor- mation visit